EMD Cotton Face Mask

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*This listing is grab bag style. You may select your desired size and whether you would like unisex or frilly prints/colors. The listing images are for reference of design and features only. (If there is a specific color required by your employer please add a note when checking out and we will do our best to accommodate that. If we are unable to, I will send an email.)*

- These do NOT replace an n95 mask. 

- 3 layers of woven 100% cotton fabric

- soft nylon for maximum comfort behind ears

- machine washable for repeat use

- inside pocket for filter (filter not provided)

- made in the USA 

Here at EMD we wanted to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by allotting some of our seamstress work to the production of face masks. The CDC recently recommended all individuals wear face masks in public to protect those around them if they are infected but are asymptomatic.  As such, there is immense need for masks in our communities, and we wanted to create some that were comfortable, effective, and stylish.

Our masks are not intended to be replacements for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not FDA approved. It is important to know that the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home and follow the guidelines given. Our hope is to assist you in protecting yourself, and others, when you absolutely need to go out in public, by providing you with an alternative option so that healthcare and frontline workers may have better access to the medical grade equipment they need. 

Masks are available in 3 sizes: Child (ages 3-10), Adult Small/Medium, and Adult Medium/Large. For size reference, check the measurement chart in listing images.

Note that the CDC recommends children under 2 should not wear a mask.


Masks should be washed between each use. Machine wash in hot water; tumble dry. Ensure mask is completely dry before you wear it. Iron if needed, avoiding heat contact with nylon bands.

Our masks have a special pocket for the optional use of a replaceable filter. We DO NOT provide these. They are however, easy to make yourself! Simply measure your masks filter slot and draw it out on a piece of paper. Cut out the shape, and use as a stencil for cutting your filter from the desired filter material. Filters can be made from common household items; HEPA filters for air conditioners, or air purifiers, are great. You can also use fiberglass-free vacuum cleaner bags, polypropylene fabric, thin felt, or coffee filters. Filters should only be used one time and disposed of immediately after use.